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Security One, Inc., is a USA owned and operated firm based in Memphis, TN  offering superior security services at many locations around the country. (Security One, Inc., is licensed as S.O.I. Security in states other than Tennessee.)

A number of Kirby Woods residents has armed guard patrol service through Security One (The Association does not contract with them although it does promote their services).  As a customer/member, you can request paper and mail pick up when you are out of town and the officers will take extra measures to protect your home.  Another advantage of membership is having the on duty officer meet you in your driveway and be present as you enter your house if you have any security concerns. (i.e. arriving home alone after dark)

Data collected proves our neighborhood has experienced a 60% drop in crime since Security One started patrolling our area.     

                          Current Cost                 Membership Coverage Levels
  • Cost $57.50 / month billed quarterly 
  • Current membership - about 117 members  
              107 Members -- 10 patrol hours
124 Members -- 12 patrol hours
157 Members -- 16 patrol hours
190 Members -- 20 patrol hours
*223 Members -- 24 patrol hours
     * (plus additional  patrol officers at 223 members)

The hours of patrol vary for security reasons and our area has 10 hour a day coverage.  The goal is 24 hour security patrol and we are heading in the right direction!  

A good source for reported crimes in the area is the Memphis Police Department Cyberwatch website -  You can enter your street address, email address and a radius and you will receive a daily email of reported crimes in the requested radius.  I encourage you to sign up if you are interested in that information. 


 "We notified Security One that we were going to be out of town and asked that they watch our house. Business as usual until we received a call from Officer Amir letting us know that the gate to the patio was
off its hinges and our dog was nowhere to be found. He had checked all the doors and windows and all was secure. We later found Maggie and it appears she was the culprit (pretty smart dog). They continued to watch the house and met us when we returned. We've been very pleased with Security One's services."

Bob & Laura Whitsitt
Woodbridge Drive


A few months ago when we had a really big storm, both my husband and I were at work. I called Security One and asked if they could make sure there wasn’t a tree on the house. Kenneth went out and walked our entire property. He called me and reported we had limbs in the yard and an up-set dog ,but our house was intact.

For our family, Security One is an investment in our neighborhood.

The more neighbors who join, the more often Security One officers will patrol Kirby Woods.

Cynthia Graham
Heather Drive



Security One has been there anytime I have needed them.  One Sunday I was at church and my house alarm went off.  I called Security One and a patrol officer arrived at my home before the police.  He was able to walk around the perimeter of my home to make sure things were ok.

Thunder set the alarm off but not being at home I didn't know why the alarm had gone off.

Needless to say, Security One has done an outstanding job for me and I highly recommend contributing to this great effort for our neighborhood.

Walter Wills III
Kirby Wills Cove



Where do I even begin?  From the time we signed up with Security One they have gone beyond my expectations. 

My daughter was home alone and a stranger came to the door.  He was a homeless man and he was asking her to open the door.  She was very frightened and called Security One and the Memphis Police.

Security One arrived before the police and assisted my daughter. 

 On Fathers Day one year, the on duty patrol officer stopped by our home, knocked on the front door and came inside to wish my husband a Happy Fathers Day. 

Ann and Drew Mohler
Harwick Drive

       Security one    gion
                           Corporate Headquarters                           
Contact: John Tuttle
5685 Quince Road
Memphis, TN 38119

Phone: 866-776-7851 toll-free
Fax:     901-332-3997

For your own safety and that of the neighborhood, always call Security One at 346-7746 with any suspicious activity or security concerns.  Obviously call the Memphis Police Dept if you witness a crime or any situation where it is warranted.

For more information contact our neighborhood representative, Cynthia Graham 


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