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Security One, Inc.

Security One Inc. (SOI) is a security company who has been contracted with by over 100 of the 700 KWNA area residents.  They have a one-to-one relationship with Security One and the Association's dues do not flow to them.  KWNA does encourage our residents to utilize SOI as they provide a great service that helps keep our overall area safer.

SOI encourages any resident to call their dispatcher too report any suspicious activity in the interest of helping them in their efforts to server their customers among us.  The number is 346-7746.

 Security Tips


  •  Plan your trip
  •  Let someone know your plan
  •  Park in a well lit area. Write down the aisle number (use valet if alone)
  •  Limit your liability. Carry only what you will use (cash and/or credit cards)
  •  Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It is important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid mishaps
  •  Have security or employees walk you out
  •  Have your keys in hand when exiting the store
  •  Stay alert to your surroundings
  •  Do not walk next to vehicles
  •  Do not take time to arrange packages while in the parking lot
  •  Get in and get moving


  •  Carry the smallest possible purse that will hold all of your necessary items
  •  Do not leave your purse unattended
  •  Carry your purse close to your body
  •  Under your coat
  •  Use a waist pouch (fanny-pack) if possible
  •  Don’t carry items that will not be used that day or trip
  •  Estimate how much cash is needed that day or trip

Burglary Prevention

  •  Do not over decorate entry areas or windows
  • Do not leave presents in vehicle
  • Wrap gifts as soon as possible
  •  Do not put packages in plain view
  •  Set automatic timers
  •  Do not put empty boxes out until garbage day
  •  Keep receipts

Party Going

  •  Go with a friend
  •  Eat before going
  •  Have a designated driver
  •  Call a cab or friend if you drink too much
  •  Do not pick up a drink once you set it down (to avoid being drugged)

As always, a little prevention will go a long way toward helping to make this Holiday Season enjoyable and memorable.


Barry Marshall, President

3715 South Perkins, Suite 14

Memphis, TN 38118

(901)346-7746 - Fax (901)332-3997 – Cell (901)497-2973


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